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Sun Sept 29 2019 00:43:42

eBay Froze Funds over Managed Payments Verification

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I feel I have to let anyone who will listen to hear what happened to me. I am a 20 year seller on eBay, Powerseller and top rated. They too made it sound like I had to opt in on managed payments by a date in Oct or else. 

I decided to go ahead and do it because I didn't want to be burdened with learning a new system right before the holiday season when I am the busiest. It has been the worst thing I could have ever done. Besides waiting several days for my money to be deposited into my bank ... Read More

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Wed Sept 25 2019 17:00:05

Poor Usability Leads to Higher Fees Going to eBay

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I have been with eBay since 1997 as a buyer and seller. I mostly sell now, just to reduce my oversized model train collection because of my age. Currently I have several listings for parts for $1.50 and up.

Many buyers do not use the cart, or do not know how or for some reason are unable to use it in order to ask for an invoice so I can send them an adjusted combined shipment cost.

I have many buyers that trust me to refund their excess shipping they pay, which I always do.

The rip here is eBay loves it when a buyer buys 10 ... Read More

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Tue Sept 24 2019 11:31:30

Seller Outraged by eBay Managed Payments Fees

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I reached out to eBay regarding my outrage at the upcoming fees for collecting buyer payments through the managed returns process.

I sell art supplies and the scenario I presented was a product I sell a lot of. In my example, I told eBay that if a buyer purchased 20 $1.00 items and they were from 20 different listings with $5.00 postage, my fee to collect the payment would be $5.67, which is a transaction fee equaling 22% of the total order of $25. 

That's 22% just for collecting the payment. All of eBay's other fees would be in addition to that 22%. 

I would love to ... Read More

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Sun Sept 22 2019 17:02:35

How Will ePacket Shipping Rates from China Change?

By: Reader


Dear Ina, 
I love reading articles on EcommerceBytes. We have a company that sells golf accessories online. We sell on our website, eBay, Amazon and Etsy.   

We have a lot of competitors that sell on eBay from China that use epacket to deliver goods to the US at a much lower price than we charge. I have been reading about the US trying to change the rules so that the price will go up for the epacket service from China. 

My question is, do you know if the US is going to go push this through and make it more expensive for Chinese companies to ship ... Read More

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Thu Sept 19 2019 17:06:49

Why Does eBay Place Ads before Descriptions in Product Listings?

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I've been mostly relaxed about all of eBay's changes. However, when I went to a listing in the last day or so and skimmed down to see the description, I noticed two columns of promoted listings before I reached the description. 

I didn't ask to see these - especially not before I read the description on the item I wanted to look at.

It's confusing and junkie looking. Many of the promoted listings had nothing to do with my search.

Have you gotten other reactions to this? It certainly seems to make it harder for a casual buyer.


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